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Jungian Analyst

Christopher Hauke 

Psychotherapist & Author



Christopher Hauke has been a Jungian analyst and member of the SAP, London and the JPA, New York for thirty years.

Working online in private practice enables him to offer therapy to clients at home and abroad.


Having been a Senior Lecturer at Goldsmiths, University of London Chris now supervises PhD students in psychoanalytic studies.

His books and journal articles are detailed on a further page.

Chris lectures widely throughout Europe and America and on Zoom. Recent and upcoming talks and conferences are listed on this site.

Chris's short films have premiered in Barcelona, New York and London. Details can be found on the Filmmaking pages.

Writing fiction as C. C. Hauke, Chris has written a number of short stories and two new novels and is working on a third. 


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Chris finds that the blocking of creativity in all its forms lies behind many of our neuroses and defences. This can lead to distortions in our sense of self and what we think we should do in our lives; it can also disrupt and interfere with our relationships with others. 
By understanding ourselves at a deeper level and feeling who we are, we can work our way to towards a more authentic and more creative self.

Psycho-dynamic psychotherapy and Jungian psychology acknowledge there are unconscious processes which by definition we are unaware of. These influence our mood, our perspective and beliefs and our relationships. Psychotherapy aims to help us become more consciously aware of hidden thoughts and feelings through a process of insight gained through relationship with the therapist

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