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As consultant in Jungian psychology Chris has been engaged by the digital games industry, film and TV studios,  branding consultants & corporate coaching.

Portal Entertainment
Immersive Game Experiences

At Portal Chris was not only archetypal consultant but also a core member of the writing team on several projects: The Craftsman; Damien (Fox TV); Nightshift; Hinterland  (BBC TV app); Bentley (interactive web site);

Portal's research branch Immersion Go used Chris's skills to investigate the possibilities of integrating audience interaction with games and films through facial reactions and narrative choices to offer a fully immersive entertainment experience.

The Hidden Depth
Psychology & Semiotics Consulting

Chris collaborated with semiotics branding expert Dr Massi Tedeschi in work for a leading brand consultancy. Archetypal theory was combined with semiotics to develop a form of consumer feedback for the use of medical and pharmaceutical treatment of late stage colorectal cancer.


The definition of archetype as an innate predisposition to identify certain patterns in 'signs' was combined with the use of TAT tests and unique projective techniques to elicit patients' feelings and reactions to their treatment.

DPY black.jpeg

DPY Associates

For the last two years Chris has been mentor to managing director David Young, an international leadership coach. Chris' writing skills have been invaluable in projecting the company image and ethos through their web-site. David’s development of a new phone app tackling coaching themes using binaural audio stimulation required several voice over scripts which were written by David and Chris. 

Film and TV consulting

Chris has been consulted by the film industry on a range of tasks including production design (Breaking and Entering, dir. Anthony Minghella, 2006), story editing and narrative (Birth, dir. Jonathan Glazer, 2004; Opal Dreams, dir. Peter Cattaneo, 2006) and interactive projects (Perfect, dir. John White BAFTA winner).


On a lighter note, Chris joined his lovely dog Charlie as background scene extras in Paul Morrison's recent dog-friendly feature film 23 Walks starring Alison Steadman. (dir. Paul Morrison, 2020)

Letuknow Films

To find out more about Chris’ own short films and documentary projects, completed and in planning please navigate to the Short Films page.

Spontaneous Productions Theatre Company

Having made several short films and documentaries, Chris has been working pro bono for a professional theatre company in Sydenham, South London. Chris has not only filmed a dozen productions in full, but has also created a range of promotional videos in advance of their productions. Many of these can be found on Chris’ Vimeo web site

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