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Films: shorts and documentaries

Chris has made number of short films over the years: a psychological thriller "Again'; the comedy "Red or White"; documentaries on the last Routemaster bus "One Colour Red", on unbearable heat in the chilli-store in Austin "Hot Source"; a fruity art installation outside London's National Gallery in "Bananas"; a short journey through New Orleans with a Louisiana lawyer in "Southern Man" and a journey from Cornwall to the City of London with the artist Ray Bowler in "Green Ray".


A man's distress scales up when he sees his own car driving ahead of him on the road: same model, same colour, same licence plate. Over days he follows it until he finds out that a double life is twice the trouble.

One colour red

A moving 5 min. film about the Routemaster - the last red London bus - which won best live documentary in a film competition screened at the Brixton Ritzy set to mark the passing of an icon.

Red or white?

Two couples meet for dinner. But the host is highly OCD and after an anguished story about seeing a stranger's 'Day of the Week' socks, he finds it hard to make up his mind which wine to offer them - and even after he has decided he still disagrees with himself!

green ray

Ray Bowler is an artist and thinker living in Cornwall. He decides to pay a visit to the European Bank of Human Development in the City of London - with its giant statue of a reclining Venus outside - to ask them about using art to humanise the sterility of economic  projects. Along the way we hear his ideas set against photography that takes us from from Paris, New York, South Africa, and London and back to beautiful Tintagel, Cornwall.

(A longer doc. at 46m)


Overnight, an American artist creates an installation outside the National Gallery, London. At the end of the day he gives it away - piece by piece!

Hot Source

It is 100 degrees in Austin, Texas But the heat is not only on the street. It's right here in the Hot Sauce store. Watch Chris, Lee Leatherwood and friends sample the wares and get a surprise! Chilli is not the word!

Southern man

Meet a Louisiana lawyer who shows us around old New Orleans - including Fats Domino's house - just a year before Hurricane Katrina blew it all away...

Losing Dad

[A longer short at 44 mins which will be uploaded at a later date]

A Dad takes his twin boys (12) to New York and leaves them in the skate park while he shoots off to meet his guitar playing idol! The boys finish their skating but Dad is nowhere to be found. They wander Manhattan asking everyone if they have seen him. Could it be they are really losing dad....?

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