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New fiction writing as
Covel Hauke

Chris has recently completed a novel titled


The manuscript is presently out with readers before Chris/Covel embarks on the second draft.

The story is set in Sicily in 1980 - a young man decides to stow away on a tourist bus to see where it takes him. This leads not only to a life changing experience for him and the other passengers, but - as in the Canterbury Tales - along the way we hear all their own stories which have brought them to this moment.

The illustrations below show Antonio their driver standing by his Iveco 370, and the Alfa Romeo on the roadside as Wayne and Fergal return to Noto.

A collection of ten short stories is already finished and this may be published before Bus itself. Working title: 

"The History of Movement Moos"

Chris/Covel's next novel will be based on the struggles of artists of the Regency and early Victorian period between 1770 and 1850. Beginning as poorly educated boys and starting out as scene-painters for the theatre they achieved lasting fame with their watercolours of British and continental landscapes.The last two paintings below are by a contemporary of Turner and Constable - David Cox (1783-1859) whose work anticipated the Impressionists. 

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